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Megahomes Real Estate

Megahomes is a real estate agency with activity in Athens, mainly in its northern suburbs. In the context of the offices' renovation, the goal was to design a new visual identity, as well as the website.

For the logo, a monogram was designed using custom lettering, which functions as a symbol that adds an air of classicity and timelessness, integral parts of the Agency's philosophy. The use of the colour palette and the choice of papers used are in line with those needs, however, the layout of the additional applications, such as business cards or promotional cards, has been designed in a way that radiates the contemporary mixed with the classic, so that the services are being communicated to a wide age spectrum.

Our proposal also includes the design of a website that will host the Agency's classified ads. The main goal was the user's seamless navi- gation through the website, the ability to locate quickly what he or she is looking for, the correct structure of information and its simple visualisation. The website follows the design of the visual identity.

Art Direction/Graphic Design
The Birthdays Design
Set Design
The Birthdays Design & Manos Mpampounis
The Birthdays Design